Nettles and horseradish.

Here are my two horseradish plants growing next to my only nettle patch! I thought I’d lost my horseradish but it sprung up as soon as the warm weather arrived! Horseradish is used in fire cider vinegar  a traditional herbal remedy to help boost the immune system and is good for helping stave off colds. I took fire cider vinegar throughout the winter months and didn’t get a cold!

Horseradish has antibacterial qualities which helps make it effective in fighting off bacteria. It’s good for athletes foot, ringworm, bladder infection, bronchitis, congestion, gout and cold sores. With its pungent aroma, it’s good for clearing the sinuses too.

I discovered the benefits of nettles last year having been poorly due to being anaemic. Nettles make an excellent tonic for anaemia when steeped in red wine with some apricots. In early spring, you can pick the young tops of nettles to make nettle soup. Nettles can be used instead of spinach and make a refreshing cup of tea. I think I might just have a cup of nettle tea now!


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