Early spring clear up

I took a walk around my garden this morning to see what clearing up I needed to do. 

My elecampane which the bees loved last year is looking straggly so I’ll need to cut this back. 

My fennel is also looking untidy but there is already signs of new growth coming. 

I was surprised to see flowers developing on my Rosemary bush so early! It seems to love this particular spot in my garden. 

And my surprise of the morning…. My first bee!!! I’m not sure if this is one from one of my solitary hives or not, but she was certainly sunning herself and enjoying the warmth. 

So what am I doing with my little plot of land this year? Well I’m still growing some herbs, but having a bit of a change around. I’m going to be growing herbs and flowers that attract bees this year, as well as some plants for medicinal use! My garden has been left to settle since the introduction of my raised beds two years ago, and it has felt a little barren since. 

After watching the solitary bees on my elecampane and Angelica last year, I feel I want to do more to encourage them this year! 

So it’s out into the garden I go to see what magic I can conjure for this coming year. 


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